Birthday Party Ideas for Kids 

Every kid’s birthday is special and parents want to celebrate it uniquely every single time. However, a kid’s party may not be as easy as you think to plan. Just like how any party planning can become complicated, a kid’s party is not easy to pull off without a big picture in mind. In order to help you in making sure your kid gets the best party for her birthday, here are some ideas to spark your creativity. 



 1. Party Hat 

You can spice things up just by having a party hat theme. Nope, not where everyone’s hat is in uniform. This theme extracts creativity because every kid will have their own party hat design.  


 2. Bubbles 

There is equipment that will you achieve this as a way to make your kid’s party a little different. Besides, every kid loves bubbles, right? For sure everyone will become energetic when it comes to catching some bubbles. 


 3. Bring your favorite toy 

This party can involve an exchange of gifts. By letting each kid on the party bring his or her own toy, and letting everyone exchange, each kid can go home happy. 


 4. Glow in the dark 

Everyone like neon lighting even grownups that’s why it is a definite fun for kids. Glow in the dark parties can be made more fun if you provide paint that glows in the dark to kids so they will have a chance to paint their friends and themselves. Make sure to add some details in your party area through putting up some glow sticks and even paint some black cloth with glow in the dark paint.  


 5. Get everyone muddy 

Every kid likes to play outside and get dirty. If you want your kids party to be a bit different while letting them enjoy a little of the outside world even inside a party area’s vicinity which is usually indoors, organize a mud party. For sure, getting messy can really get the fun going. 


 6. Puppet Show 

Some kids may have a scare with clowns but I’m pretty sure every kid loves a puppet show. Host a puppet show or hire someone to do the puppet show for your kid’s party. You can also incorporate magic tricks while doing an act with the puppets to double the fun. 


 7. Statue Dance 

Statue dance is a classic and never goes out of style. It is always fun when there’s music however it is more fun when your kids get challenged when trying to stop moving when the music turns off. 


8. Balloon bursting 

Balloon bursting is fun because the explosion can be exciting however one way to make it more exciting for kids is to fill each balloon with treats. You can hang the balloons with treats somewhere accessible to kids or with a bit of added height to make it more of a challenge and have each kid burst the balloon.  


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